NEO International Film Festival
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The 2016 Northeastern Ohio International Film Festival was held at: Paolino's Pub & Grub, 2091 Locust St S, Canal Fulton, OH 44614 on Monday night, January 16th, 2017 at 6:30pm. Selected winning submissions were screened on two jumbo 70" 1080p HD Screens.

First Annual NEO International Film Festival Screening Schedule and Awards Recipients:

Please note all times are approximate.

Sleeping in the Jungle - Andrew Arehart. Best Autobiographical Short Film. (Not being screened.)

7:00 Awards Ceremony


7:15 Animation

One Per Person [00:08:30] – Best Animated Short Film. An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival. Directors credits include: Disney Animation, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Imageworks and more.

7:25 Music Videos

(What Have You Done To Me?) Ohio [00:03:30] – Best iPhone Music Video. This music video features a song by JP Olsen about his love for Ohio, performed by the band Awards Banquet.

Isaura - Change It [00:04:14]– Best Music Video & Song. Music video directed by Desfaine for the artist Isaura. From Portugal, all English.

The Kübler-Ross Model [00:03:33]– Best Animated Music Video. This experimental music video illustrates of the concept of the perfect number nine. Filipino artist Aya Ng creates self-portraits drawn frame by frame using a continuous line drawing technique, each one symbolizing a number that forms a nine code.

Born From Pain "Dance With The Devil" [00:03:30]– Best Music Video Editing. Italian music video for Born From Pain. A descent into darkness and the possibility of redemption.

She Spins [00:02:00]– Best POV Music Video. Directed by Daniel Ira Couchie for a song Written and Performed by Binaeshee-Quae. The video closely matches the lyrics which tells the true story of the songwriters friend who committed suicide.


7:45 Short Films

Mexican Flamenco [00:08:50]– Best Music Short. Flamenco and Mexico meet each other in this scary video through La Catrina -a fancy skeleton- and La Llorona -the most famous mexican ghost who searches every night for her dead children. Excerpt of show: Flamenco a la Mexicana.

A Perfect You [00:10:10]– Best Comedy Short. Comedy about a young woman seeking perfection, who encounters disaster when a single flaw creeps in. Directed by Sue Lange.

One Stop Shop [00:14:09]– Best Student Short. A boy discovers a new favorite candy shop, but he quickly discovers that lollipops and licorice aren't their only line of business. Directed by Ohio University student Kyle Henke.

T-County [00:24:00]– Best Short Film. A young fighter living in backwoods Ohio must pay for the sins of his dying Grandfather. Directed by and starring: Brock Yurich.

Otherworldly Blessings [00:13:41]– Best Comedic Student Short. A college student tries to make some extra beer money the same way every kid does; by selling fortunes, potions, and other enchanted goods on Ebay.

Cold Caller [00:14:25]– Best Suspenseful Short. Convinced of his credentials, an elderly couple invite a door-step 'Cold Caller' into their home with unexpected consequences.

9:15 Feature Films

This Little Piggy [01:35:00]– Best Picture. A young Melbourne man's illegal business takes off and is thriving until his pig-headedness sends everything awry.

HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR, The WCP Story [01:21:11]– Best Audio Post Production. Join DJ Korpserape and Tombass as they embark on a journey to become the greatest rockstars in the universe! Watch the eclectic duos adventures in this comedic, mock, shock-rock documentary. Based on true events.

12:15 Documentaries

Marking Out [01:41:41]– Best Documentary Movie. Marking Out is a comedic documentary that follows a group of grown men as they try to figure out why they can't seem to let go of professional wrestling.