NEO International Film Festival

NEO International Film Festival

The Northeastern Ohio International Film Festival isn't like the other Film Festivals. Our judges aren't looking for big name actors or directors. We are truly an independent film festival and our judges rate and grade films on the merits of the films using an extensive proprietary grading system. Each judge will also provide notes and a short constructive critique of the film if requested.

The Second Annual NEO International Film Festival is being held again at Paolino's Pub. 2091 Locust Street S. Canal Fulton, OH 44614 on Monday, February 19th at 6PM.

Second Annual NEO International Film Festival: $8 Admission



Animations, Music Videos, Shorts & More!

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5:34 STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER - Finalist - Director: Sébastien Petretti. This is the story of two young guys without any trouble who just want to screw without being disturbed. State of Emergency Motherfucker is a surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious. The victims themselves are used to it. Even the police are used to it! Every day, they get back at it. Samy and Mehdi aren’t even paying attention to it anymore… the viewer neither. The real question of the movie is to finally discover if Samy did get some on the night of Valentine’s…

5:51 STALEMATE - Best Music Video - Director: Egor Sevastyanov. Music video for the band Aerophonics from the Russian Federation.

1:06 KARMAACCOUNT - Finalist - Director: Lukas Klaschinski. A man is heading ruthlessly towards his goal and loses connection to what he once was: A child!

15:00 NICOLE'S CAGE - Best Visual Effects - Director: Josef Brandl. The big wheel in the most exciting area of the city is the perfect real estate for Jakob and Nicole, a young, ambitious and firmly in the event culture anchored couple. When one of the popular gondolas becomes free, they do not hesitate to move into their first common flat. Unfortunately neither of them has taken the time to get to know the other one first.

9:20 SHELTER - Finalist - Director: Daniel Andrew Wundere. A wanderer in the wasteland seeks shelter in an abandoned trailer, where he discovers the corpse of a boy with strange wounds...

20:00 PASSION GAP - Semi Finalist - Directors: Matt Portman & Jason Donald. Elani survived her brutal childhood by carefully watching people. Now she plans to use her relationship with Mikey to get out of Cape Town for good. All she has to do is manage his ego for one more night, but the seeds of violence were planted in her early on.

 19:50 RECALL - Best Color Grading - Director: Dániel Reich. We are in the 80’s, the young boy Beni spending the holiday with his mum and sister, Gilla at lake Balaton. Beni finds an old photo camera and starts taking photos, obsessively. Gilla suddenly disappears while swimming in the water. They can't find her, but Beni doesn’t give up the search and with the help of a local investigator they keep looking for her. Ten years earlier in the same place , a girl disappeared under similar circumstances.

13:00 FACE - Best Comedic Short - Director: Luke Tierney. James needs to get to the pharmacy by midnight. It’s 11:35. Unfortunately, the only person who can drive him there is his weird neighbor, Steve.

18:06 NEAR KEPLER - Best Science Fiction Short - Director: Laura Matt. After a one year Job on a far away planet space traveller Jo experiences an incident during his flight back to Earth. His onboard computer Deborah claims she has everything under control. But is that true?

23:22 CAVELLO - Semi Finalist - Director: Sven Bresser. Kai and Thomas, two 12-year old friends, are inseparable. Together they're everything, alone they're nothing. Their bond is strong until a new girl steps into their classroom and catches Thomas' eye. This is a short narrative about Kai who is desperately trying to win back his best friend. He slowly loses control and makes a decision that will change his life forever.

8:00 BACKSTORY - Best Short - Director: Joschka Laukeninks. As a young child our protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone.

21:30 EAGLEHAWK - Semi Finalist - Director: Shannon Murphy. In a remote forest, an aspiring actress immerses herself in the mythical world of the 'Yowie' to scare others and herself into living.

18:48 BRIDE OF FRANKIE - Semi Finalist - Director: Devi Snively. In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

14:29 FAMILY FOR SALE - Finalist - Director: Sebastien Petretti. A small hole in a condom back in 1980, and Xav is conceived… Ironic when you know that Oscar owns a sex shop. Oscar is the father. Typhaine, the mother, is a disinherited bourgeois. Since the arrival of Petra, Typhaine can’t stop throwing herself against the wall to express her discomfort. Petra is Oscar’s mistress. Xav has tried getting used to his family, but eighteen years later, he’s had enough…

18:00 SWEET CANDY - Semi Finalist - Director: Yilmaz Vurucu. “You’re listening now, aren’t you...” says a cold and nearly unconscious Andreas Wagner, over his live broadcast. Isolated and full of desperation, he’s decided to air his last words, together with some extremely valid grievances. His views strike a chord with some while attracting the wrath and disdain of others, yet one fact is undeniable: he has become an unlikely Internet phenomenon when it least matters. When the next big viral hit wears off, can a concerned few help save him, so he can live to tell his story another day?

1:29:30 LATE BLOSSOM BLUES - Best Documentary - Director: Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer. LATE BLOSSOM BLUES tells the story of a 1932-born hard-working poor black man from the Mississippi backwoods who becomes an internationally acclaimed Blues star after he releases his debut album at age 81.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to budget issues arising from losing The West Theater Venue, and the low number of entries from Ohio this season, we will not be holding an awards ceremony.